Baby I Can Drive My Carr (Hair Mail Edition)

June 19, 2013

Talk about mailing it in: Apparently Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr can cover the James “Whitey” Bulger trial without actually attending it.

First, today’s third-class piece:

Johnny’s bad, but not the real rat

The worst word you can ever use against Johnny Martorano is “rat,” so you can bet that Whitey Bulger’s lawyers will be throwing it up against him again this morning within 30 seconds or so of resuming their cross-examination.

They’ll be trying to make him lose his cool. Good luck with that.

Stipulated, I wrote a book with Martorano, and we split the profits. I get along pretty well with him. So does just everybody else I know who knows him, believe it or not.


Carr’s readers? Not so friendly. Representative (if ungrammatical) sample:


Picture 2


And it gets even worse when it turns out Carr was a no-show yesterday:


Picture 3


Unless the hardreading staff is misreading this, Howie’s reporting telepathically.

Meanwhile, crosstown at the Boston Globe Kevin Cullen has his daily bookend to Carr’s whatever.

Pretty sure Cullen was even in the courtroom.

WRKO = We Really Knock Others

January 5, 2013

Big breakthrough for the hardreading staff: We’ve finally gotten access to the Boston Herald’s e-Edition, which is only right since we’re one of the 17 home subscribers to the feisty local tabloid.

Anyway, that allows us to bring you this WRKO ad from Friday’s Herald, which combines a whack at the demise of News Talk 96.9 with a promo for Herald columnist Howie Carr:

Picture 1


680 WRKO – Boston’s ONLY Talk Station!

Does it get any more depressing than that?