Charlotte Web Edition

September 4, 2012

The local dailies are running true to form in their coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

Boston Globe: Dutiful.

Boston Herald: Gleeful (and bountiful).

The Globe’s ramp-up to the convention in Monday’s edition:

Charlotte offers promise, pitfalls for Democrats

Democrats to play up foreign policy

Obama defends health care law

Biden says Romney too eager for war


Bonus points:

Union’s political power fading


The Herald’s ramp-up yesterday:

Gov Missing in Mass. But Finds Spotlight in N.C.

Media get VIP treatment in N.C.

Delegates vow to get down to business . . . after a little chill time

GOP pundits: Bay State liberals’ barbs really a ‘badge of honor’

For Liz, it’s personal


The Herald also features scattered “You Said It” reader comments, a DNC Charlotte Notebook, ¬†and Brown’s Take, the bookend to last week’s Warren’s Take (sample here) at the GOP convention.

Advantage: Herald.

So far.