Lord + Taylor Retail Chain Takes Bostonians for Idiots

August 4, 2020

Venerable department store chain Lord + Taylor, which recently had the bright idea to sell itself to online clothing rental outfit Le Tote, has now filed for bankruptcy protection.

It also ran this full-page ad in yesterday’s Boston Globe.



Drive-us-nuts graf.

Nowhere in all that advertising eyewash (which is actually an insult to saline solution everywhere) does L+T reveal that it has closed every one of its stores in the Greater Boston area.

Call the roll.

  • Burlington Mall, 1320 Burlington Mall Road, Burlington, Massachusetts
  • Natick Mall, 1245 Worcester Road Natick, Massachusetts
  • Prudential Center, 760 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts
  • South Shore Plaza, 250 Granite St., Braintree, Massachusetts


As the local pearl clutchers might say, O My Lord + Taylor!

Kiss-fil-A Edition

August 4, 2012

Yesterday was “Same-Sex Kiss Day” at your local Chick-fil-A (which currently holds the franchise on the gay marriage rumpus), and coverage in the Boston dailies ran counter to form.

The Boston Globe played it, er, straight:

Another protest for Chick-fil-A

Supporters of gay rights hold kiss-in at mall

BURLINGTON — More than a dozen gay rights supporters joined the national debate surrounding Chick-fil-A on Friday, holding a kiss-in at the restaurant in Burlington Mall to protest the fast-food chain’s donations to antigay groups.

About 15 men and women filed into the mall’s food court shortly before 8 p.m. and stood outside Chick-fil-A, kissing each other, taking pictures, and chanting. The Massachusetts effort, organized by Join the Impact MA and GetEQUAL MA, was part of a national kiss-in campaign on Friday galvanized around the Chick-fil-A controversy.

“I think the greater point is to send a message to the CEOs of companies and politicians that it’s not OK to send money to fight against our rights,” said Keegan O’Brien, 23, of Dorchester. O’Brien, a University of Massachusetts Boston student, led parts of the protest at the mall Friday night.

And etc.

Interestingly, there was no photo with the Globe story – not in print, not on the web.

But the Herald came through with flying colors, photos included:

Protesters to Chick-fil-A: Read our lips

The Burlington Mall food court erupted in applause after about a dozen gay rights advocates descended on Chick-fil-A last night to lock lips for a national “Same-Sex Kiss Day,” a kiss-in to protest the millions of dollars they say the company has donated to anti-gay groups.

The protesters — who duct-taped signs to their T-shirts reading “Chick-fil-A funds hate groups” — were promptly escorted out by mall security. The activist smoochers marched out of the mall, handing out coupons for a “free side of bigotry” and chanting “Hey hey, ho ho! Homophobia has got to go!” as dozens of curious mall patrons followed behind snapping photos with their cellphones.

“When you are purchasing these chicken sandwiches, it’s going to these groups that promote hate against gays and lesbians,” said Sasha Kaufmann of GetEqual Massachusetts, who locked lips with fellow activist Kay Sweeney, 24, of Jamaica Plain for several minutes in front of the fast-food chain.

That’s the spirit, eh?

Herald readers, however, weren’t quite as affectionate.