Track Gals (and Megan!) Rip Off Hardworking Staff

November 30, 2012

Yesterday the hardworking staff at kissin’ cousin Campaign Outsider noted that the Boston Globe was having a difficult time distinguishing between the late Tip O’Neill and Ken Howard, who played Tip in a local stage production.

From yesterday’s homepage:



Then, lo and behold, the Track Gals (and Megan!) include this in their Boston Herald column today:, the website of our favorite Boring Broadsheet, posting a picture of actor Ken Howard, in costume as Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, and identified it as the late House speaker in a story about a new federal building named for Tip. (It was later swapped for the real ONeill)


So not only can’t we get quoted in the feisty local tabloid (they know what we’re talking about), we can’t get credited either.

That’s just wrong.

Meanwhile, the Globe took the high road and didn’t mention our post at all.

UPDATE: Unbeknownst to us, Megan Johnson had left the Track before this item ran.