Boston Herald: Your Zumba Hooker Headquarters (II)

February 22, 2013

While the Boston Globe resolutely neglects the Zumba Hooker trial in Kennebunk, Maine (this ran on the Web but not in print), our feisty local tabloid is on it like Brown on Williamson. Today’s installment:

012413zumba16‘Moaning, groaning’ in Zumba testimony

The bizarre twists and turns in the trial of the alleged owners of a Zumba dance studio-based brothel in posh Kennebunk, Maine, continued yesterday as a next-door pizza parlor manager told of being flashed by the woman accused of providing sex for money, and her landlord told of “moaning and groaning” with men coming and going every 30 to 60 minutes as early as 
5 a.m.

The titillating testimony came in the trial of Mark Strong Sr., accused of 
13 counts of promoting prostitution. Strong is the business partner of Alexis Wright, 30, who is accused of engaging in prostitution at the dance studio, at an office across the street and at her own home. Authorities have said she videotaped clients without their knowledge. She will be tried later.

“She fussed around with her wallet and off goes the towel. I felt awkward,” said Dan Racaniello, the pizza shop manager.


That’s it? Awkward? Obviously not a prospective client.

Boston Herald: Your Zumba Hooker Headquarters

January 29, 2013

Margery Eagan has the local dailies’ Maine event in her Boston Herald column today:

zumba122912Potential jurors in Zumba case face probing questions

A truth too naked

“Do you have a domination fetish?”

“Have you dealt with this by hiring a prostitute?”

“Was this a wise investment for you, sir?”

Sadly for dozens of presumably upstanding Maine residents called for the jury pool in the so-called “Zumba” prostitution trial, these are the kind of sexual questions they may be asked.

Worse: A judge’s effort to keep the questioning private has been overturned by the state’s highest court.


Bad news for the good townspeople of Kennebunk, excellent news for the Herald.

No news, however, for the Boston Globe, which didn’t mention the trial in today’s edition.

The broadsheet did post this Associated Press piece on the Globe website around 3:30 this morning.

Better late than never, yeah?