Herald to Globe: Tattoo You!

June 28, 2013

The Boston Herald gets the Murder Ink award today with this front page:


Picture 6


The feisty local tabloid draws a more detailed picture in its lead story on the increasingly lurid Aaron Hernandez investigation.

Police investigating Hernandez in unsolved double slaying

Fallen Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is at the center of a probe into an unsolved 2012 double slaying in Boston while Dartmouth jail officials are scouring the troubled tight end’s wild array of tattoos for any gang ink links, the Herald has learned.

“We’ll be looking at his tattoos to see if there are any symbols that affiliate with gangs,” said Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, who met with Hernandez yesterday after his bail was denied by a Fall River judge. “We have to always be vigilant around security and not place him somewhere where there are rival gang members.”


That would be Media Whisperer Thomas Hodgson, described this way by one Herald commenter: “Biggest self-promoter out there. Wants to [be] Little Joe Arpaio. What a blowhard.” (Watch his cringe-inducing interview with ESPN here.)

The Herald piece also includes this from a Los Angeles “gang expert” who says Hernandez’ tattoos “appear decorative.”

“It could also be a gang saying, like ‘smile now, pay later,’ ” [she] said, adding Hodgson’s team 
will spot it if they see it.


They’ll spot it if they see it. Beautiful.

Crosstown, the Boston Globe ran this front-page piece:


Picture 10


Although Globe reporters also talked with law enforcement officials, there was no mention in the stately local broadsheet about tattoos.

Ink one up for the Herald today.


Baby I Won’t Drive Your Carr (Peter Gelzinis Edition)

June 20, 2013

All the while self-styled vigilante John Martorano has occupied center stage in the James “Whitey” Bulger trial this week, he’s been joined at the hit – sorry, hip – with Boston Herald scribbler Howie Carr, who split a six-figure advance with Martorano for the book Hitman.

But in his Herald column today, Peter Gelzinis writes Carr out of the picture.

New England MobBlood money only motivation for Johnny Martorano

“Other than the 20 people you killed, Mr. Martorano, is there anything else notable in your life?”

The 72-year-old henchman of Winter Hill decked out in a light blue suit seemed a bit bewildered by the question Hank Brennan, co-counsel for Whitey Bulger, tossed at him.

After momentarily wrestling with it, much like a bear might grapple with a camper’s jar of peanut butter, Johnny Martorano said, “I can’t change it.”

No, he can’t. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying to squeeze every nickel he can from the loathsome life he’s lived.


Gelzinis writes further, “[y]esterday, we learned that in addition to the $250,000 Johnny pocketed for the movie rights to his life story, he stands to make another 250 grand if such a film ever makes it into production. And that’s not counting the $70,000 or so he says he’s made from his book.”

What Gelzinis chooses not to mention is that Carr was Martorano’s partner in Murder, Ink.

Conveniently, the Boston Globe’s Kevin Cullen fills in the blanks in his column today:

Brennan nailed Johnny when he got him to talk about how he has made money since being released from custody.

“Are you remorseful, Mr. Martorano?” Brennan asked.

“Yes,” Johnny replied.

But, Mr. Martorano, you wrote a book with Howie Carr and made money off the blood of your victims, Hank Brennan suggested. You split the $110,000 advance for the book with Carr, Mr. Martorano.


So, wait – Martorano got $70,000 and Carr got $40,000? Sounds like someone got strong-armed.