Taylor Swift Cape House Final Edition

August 23, 2012

The hardreading staff’s Taylor Swift bureau has diligently tracked – and Tracked! – the rumpus over whether she did or did not buy the Hyannisport house next door to boyfriend Conor Kennedy’s grandma Ethel. Locally, the Boston Herald said she made  the creepy-stalky purchase while the Boston Globe said the jury’s still out.

We now seem to have a verdict, thanks to the Cape Cod Times (via New York magazine’s Vulture):

Hope’s dashed: It’s not Taylor Swift’s house

It turns out, those rumors just weren’t true. A New York hedge fund manager — not Taylor Swift — signed a contract to buy the house next door to the Kennedy compound, according to the real estate agency representing the property’s seller.

Paul Grover, a principal in Robert Paul Properties, said the buyer signed a contract for the home at 27 Marchant Ave. in Hyannisport, but the sale has not closed yet.

So there’s still, er, hope?

We hope not.

Regardless, it’s good to live in a three-daily town, yes?