Feuding Kennedys Edition

July 23, 2012

Say, that was some scoop the Sunday Boston Globe got about the fussin’ and fightin’ among the Kennedy clan over the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate, yeah?


Late senator’s sons at odds with widow

The already frayed relationship between Vicki Kennedy and her late husband’s children is at the breaking point, with the two sons growing increasingly convinced that she is jeopardizing the senator’s legacy and mishandling the creation of the $71 million institute that bears his name.

Much of the conflict centers around the construction and governance of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate, a project that faces potential cost overruns, according to a close family friend who was authorized by some family members to speak on their behalf, but who declined to be named.

At issue: “Edward M. Kennedy Jr. and Patrick Kennedy, the senator’s children, believe their father’s widow is badly bungling the efforts to create what their father had hoped would be a monument to his storied career in the US Senate, said the friend, whose account was confirmed by another close family associate.”

Also problematic:

Hard feelings have developed over the institute’s presence in the Kennedy family’s Hyannis Port compound. The institute, which earlier this year took possession of the original mansion and the sprawling lawn, is now charging a rental fee to the remaining family members who own property there if they want to gather on or in some way use the lawn that is the central part of the 2.4-acre waterfront lot.

The institute has also made the main house, which has been virtually unused since the senator’s death in 2009, out of bounds for use by the family.

Allowing the family to freely use the property and the house “would jeopardize [the Institute’s] nonprofit status,” according to Institute officials.

So how did Globe gumshoe Frank Phillips get this story when the Boston Herald didn’t?

Neither son would comment publicly. But their decision to authorize a friend to share their concerns about their stepmother’s leadership role in the institute is a highly unusual public breach within the famous political family, which has traditionally strived to avoid the public airing of internal disagreements and spats.

In other words, Little Ed and Patches picked the Boston Globe to be their House (of Kennedy) Organ.

The Globe didn’t get this story. It came to them.

Keep that in mind when you read it.