Herald Ambush-Interviews Ex-Early Ed Chief

March 16, 2013

From our Dog with a Bone desk

The Boson Herald absolutely owns the Sherri Killins story, and today our feisty local tabloid adds another chapter to the saga of the Moonlighting Moonbat (our formulation).

Page One (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):



Enterprising reporter Matt Stout apparently staked out Killin’s Connecticut (!) home, and caught her for the classic driveway interview:

031513killinsmg002Ex-early ed boss: I gave job my all

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The state’s former early education chief finally broke her silence yesterday, saying she gave “everything” she had to her $200,000-a-year job, worked nights and weekends to make up for her controversial moonlighting internship and racked up nearly 100,000 miles the past two years commuting to the Bay State from her home here.

“I gave everything I had to Massachusetts. … I gave everything I had. Massachusetts is in a good place, it is a good time for me to move on,” Sherri Killins told the Herald in the driveway of her white two-story Colonial, where she’s lived while heading the $499 million Department of Early Education and Care, and training as a future school superintendent in a 300-hour internship at Ware Public Schools.


And there’s plenty more for the Herald’s bloodthirsty mob to chew on, and  – as these comments indicate – they totally masticate Killins.

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Herald Schools Globe on Ed Chief Exit

March 12, 2013

From our Hark! The Herald! desk

This is one story our feisty local tabloid has owned.

Picture 2


From Chris Cassidy’s Boston Herald report (the online version):

block1312_1New setback for Deval Patrick: Early ed boss quits

Embattled Sherri Killins resigns after Herald reports

The Patrick administration’s embattled early education chief abruptly stepped down from her $200,000-a-year post last night after a series of Herald reports that raised questions about her moonlighting in a post-doctoral program that trains school superintendents, as well as her residency in New Haven, Conn.

“The questions being raised started to distract from the work she was doing,” Matt Wilder, spokesman for the Executive Office of Education, said of departing Early Education and Care Commissioner Sherri Killins. “So it made sense to offer her resignation and move on.”


Here’s when the Boston Globe reported it (note the 4:20 AM):

Picture 1


And here’s what our stately local broadsheet reported. Give credit to the Globe – they gave credit to the Herald. Twice:

A top state education official has stepped down from her position amid questions over her enrollment in a program that trains school superintendents.

Sherri Killins, commissioner of the state Department of Early Education and Care, resigned Monday, said Matthew Wilder, a spokesman for the state agency that oversees the department, in an e-mail early Tuesday.

Killins’s abrupt resignation was first reported by the Boston Herald. The newspaper previously reported that Secretary of Education Matthew Malone was investigating her enrollment in the superintendent training program in Ware, which has taken her away from her official duties in her nearly $200,000-per-year state job.


Another turnabout in newspaper business as usual: the Globe as lively index to the Herald.