One Town, Two Different Killing Fields

August 14, 2015

Admittedly, the hardreading staff is late to Thursday’s coverage of the most recent Boston shooting spree. Even so, we couldn’t help but notice the difference in the local dailies.

Boston Herald Page One (via The Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):




Boston Globe (bottom of) Page One:


Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.25.36 AM


The Herald reported all the gun violence on Page 7.

The Globe featured the Cambridge killing on B1, the Roxbury and Mattapan shootings on B3 in a separate story.

Your conclusions – if any – go here.

Hark! The Herald! (A-Roid Edition)

August 6, 2013

From our Walt Whitman desk

Well our feisty local tabloid won another big award yesterday – a coveted Top Ten Front Pages nod from the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages.

NY_NYP-1Judgment Day

Today is the day that Major League Baseball is expected to suspend 10 players for their ties to a Florida anti-aging clinic. The biggest catch among them: New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who could be suspended through 2014. Some of the front pages in today’s Top Ten have already passed judgment. Don’t hold back, New York Post. Don’t hold back.

Here’s yesterday’s Boston Herald contribution:


Picture 1


(That’s it – we’re definitely starting a Boston Herald Little Green Numbers group on Facebook.)

And here is today’s Herald putting on the pom-poms:


Picture 2


Their Moms must be so proud.

London (Marathon) Calling

April 22, 2013

Boston was on the mind of everyone who ran the London Marathon yesterday, as Page One of The Guardian attests (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages).




And London was on the mind of the Boston dailies – especially the Globe, which sent sportswriter Shira Springer over there to cover the event.


Boston firmly in the thoughts of Londoners

LONDON — Moments after finishing the London Marathon, Harry Neynens struggled with his emotions. He started to describe crossing the finish line Sunday amid cheering crowds, then stopped. He needed a moment to collect his thoughts, to choke back tears. He started his story again. This time, the narrative began back on Boylston Street in Boston.

For Neynens, the 2013 London Marathon and 2013 Boston Marathon always will be linked. A week ago, Neynens, who lives in Enfield, Nova Scotia, waited on Boylston Street for his wife, Colleen, to finish Boston. Colleen spotted Harry in the crowd at the 26-mile mark, ran over, and kissed her husband. Then Harry walked down Boylston Street to catch up with Colleen once she crossed the line. She finished as 4 hours 7 minutes 12 seconds flashed on the race clock. He found himself 100 yards away from the bomb explosions and he saw some of the critically injured victims.

“I had a hard day out here,” said Neynens, who wore a 2013 Boston Marathon hat during his London run and finished in 2:48:09. “I was hurting, but obviously I was not hurting near as much as the injuries that I saw, people who lost their legs. I finished for all those people who were hurt and those people who couldn’t finish last Monday.

“There was a banner we passed around Mile 25 that said, ‘Run if you can. Walk if you must. But finish for Boston.’ That meant a lot to everybody. It was great to see the support of everybody out there for the runners and for Boston.”


It went beyond moral support, as this Associated Press report in the Boston Herald noted:

Picture 5


For a day, at least, Boston and London were One as well.

Herald Ambush-Interviews Ex-Early Ed Chief

March 16, 2013

From our Dog with a Bone desk

The Boson Herald absolutely owns the Sherri Killins story, and today our feisty local tabloid adds another chapter to the saga of the Moonlighting Moonbat (our formulation).

Page One (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):



Enterprising reporter Matt Stout apparently staked out Killin’s Connecticut (!) home, and caught her for the classic driveway interview:

031513killinsmg002Ex-early ed boss: I gave job my all

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The state’s former early education chief finally broke her silence yesterday, saying she gave “everything” she had to her $200,000-a-year job, worked nights and weekends to make up for her controversial moonlighting internship and racked up nearly 100,000 miles the past two years commuting to the Bay State from her home here.

“I gave everything I had to Massachusetts. … I gave everything I had. Massachusetts is in a good place, it is a good time for me to move on,” Sherri Killins told the Herald in the driveway of her white two-story Colonial, where she’s lived while heading the $499 million Department of Early Education and Care, and training as a future school superintendent in a 300-hour internship at Ware Public Schools.


And there’s plenty more for the Herald’s bloodthirsty mob to chew on, and  – as these comments indicate – they totally masticate Killins.

Your pun-chline goes here.

Hot Stove, Tepid Team

January 27, 2013

Today’s Boston Herald puts on the Page One pom-poms for the Olde Towne Team and its prospects for the upcoming season. Via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages:



The piece in the Sports section has a level of optimism that’s exclusive to pre-spring-training days.

NEL_6728.JPGA nice view at the top

Cherington optimistic as spring training nears

Two weeks from today, nearly three dozen Red Sox pitchers and catchers will be in Fort Myers, bracing for their first spring training workout. And shortly thereafter, predictions will begin to roll in.

Not even the Mayans would be so bold as to call the Sox a playoff team.

Ben Cherington respectfully disagrees.

“I believe we will contend,” the Red Sox general manager said Thursday in a sitdown with the Herald. “There is no reason we shouldn’t contend in 2013. But we also want to build something really good for a long time. We’re confident we will.”


A confidence that’s likely exclusive to him, but why get technical about it.

Meanwhile, the Sox went for more traditional advertising in the Boston Globe:

Picture 1



Odd approach, yes? Except in Red Sox Nation, of course.

Also odd, the ad did not run in the Herald. Then again, maybe the Sox figured the Page One promo was enough.

Boston Herald: Death to Taxes!

January 18, 2013

The feisty local tabloid continues its anti-tax jihad today from the very first page (via The Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):



Inside the Herald puts a price tag on the tax hikes proposed by Gov. Deval Patrick (D-One Foot Out the Door) :


Picture 1


At upper right Howie Carr delivers yet another bulk-mail screed, while Michael Graham, Julie Mehegan, the editors, and cartoonist Jerry Holbert have a whirl on the opinion pages.

Flood the zone? This is more like Katrina.

Crosstown at the Boston Globe, meanwhile, the “moonbat gazette” (Carr) also front-pages the tax hikes (via ditto):




It may be true, as Carr alleges, that the Globe never met a tax hike it didn’t like, but at least the paper provides the details instead of just moaning.




Weep your heart out, Howie.


Boston Herald Jumps the Shark (Taxachusetts Edition)

January 16, 2013

The front pages of today’s local dailies almost – but don’t quite – say it all in their coverage of a looming tax hike in Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe’s Page One (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages) appears measured and slightly left of center, as usual:



The report itself is equally straightforward:

patrick-3151Patrick favors income tax hike

Broad-based levy vital to transit, education plans

Governor Deval Patrick is set to propose an increase in the state income tax as part of a multi pronged plan to raise new revenue for transportation and education, said a person with direct knowledge of the governor’s plan.

Patrick is expected to unveil the plan, at least in part, in his annual State of the Commonwealth speech Wednesday night. Many in and around state government said he is targeting the income tax because it is the only tax that would bring in enough money to fund his ambitious transportation and education agendas.

Those proposals, which he began rolling out this week, call for $1.5 billion in additional spending next year and $2 billion in annual spending in future years to shore up the state’s transportation system and expand early education programs.

Boosting the income tax from the current rate of 5.25 percent to 5.66 percent would raise $1 billion annually, according to a menu of revenue options the Patrick administration released Monday. The remainder of Patrick’s proposals could be funded through other fees or taxes.


The Boston Herald’s Page One (via ditto) is something else entirely:



The coverage itself is equally hyperventilating.

As indicated above, there are three – count ’em, three – columnists on the case, starting with Joe Battenfeld and Howie Carr in this double-barreled spread:

Picture 2


Cut to Michael Graham’s piece on the op-ed page to complete the chinstroker trifecta.

But wait – there’s also this editorial and this editorial cartoon:

holberts 01-16 cartoon


Before you say anything, that’s exactly how that cartoon appears on the feisty local tabloid’s website.

Just like the Herald, eh? Never the full picture.

Dead Blogging the Boston Sunday Globe

January 14, 2013

The hardreading staff yields to no man in its respect for the journalism at the Boston Globe. But this Sunday’s edition struck us as a bit odd.

Page One, via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages:



The Medicare windfall piece?  Excellent.

Then there’s the Camp Menino feature, which reads like a really long press release from City Hall.

Not to mention this OCD graphic of Tom Menino’s rehab floor plan at the city-financed Parkman House:



Next up: This takedown of New England Law dean John F. O’Brien, which reads like a really long hit from . . . who knows?

Not too mention this drive-by graphic:



And the icing on the cake: This advertorial for Geoff Edgers’ reality show, Edge of America, which occupied page one of the Sunday Globe Arts section:

Geoff Edgers silo2How I went from newspaper reporter to host of a TV show

I am standing in the alligator pit. This is not a euphemism. About 10 feet away, a dozen gators slowly swirl around an ankle-deep pool of swamp water. My job: Walk in, haul one of these critters onto a patch of sand, and tackle him before he flips me into the famed “death roll.”

At times like these, I have flashes of my real life — Boston Globe arts reporter, husband, father of two — and I consider the absurdity of the moment. I’ve wrestled with some elusive sources over the years, but never one who could bite my arms off.


What follows is essentially an infomercial for the show Edgers has produced.

The headscratching staff says:


Boston Herald: Scott Brown for Governor?

January 2, 2013

Up until now, conventional wisdom in the Bay State held that Scott Brown (R-Tickle Me Grover) had first GOP dibs on the U.S. Senate seat soon to be vacated by John Kerry (D-So Long, Suckers), while Good (Next) Time Charlie Baker had same on the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial race.

Not so fast.

From Joe Battenfeld’s piece in today’s Boston Herald:

Scott BrownDems fear Scott may run for gov

While Democrats frantically try to block Scott Brown from going back to the U.S. Senate, there are also increasing fears he could pose an even bigger threat as the next Massachusetts governor.

Republicans close to the departing U.S. senator said he’s itching to go back to Washington to replace John Kerry, but Democrats are buzzing more about a potential Brown gubernatorial campaign in 2014. It may be tempting for Brown to run in a special election against a vulnerable Rep. Edward J. Markey, but he should reject the easy play and go for the job that really matters — running the state of Massachusetts.

“In the last week, there has been more speculation (about a Brown gubernatorial campaign),” one top Democratic strategist said. “He’d have a much better shot at (governor).”


Battenfeld says in a Senate race Democrats “will throw millions of dollars against him and use the same strategy they used last year for U.S. Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren, trying to tie him to national Republicans.” The gubernatorial race would be an easier one to win.

[I]f you were Scott Brown, who would you rather run against, Ed Markey and the entire Democratic Party, or state Treasurer Steve Grossman or Attorney General Martha Coakley?


Good question.

One last question: What does Charlie Baker think?

Battenfeld doesn’t say.

UPDATE: Gotta add today’s overcaffeinated Page One (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):



Love that feisty local tabloid.

Boston Herald: Gronkpocalypse! No, wait – Gronkmageddon!

November 19, 2012

Today’s Boston Herald is all Rob Gronkowski all the time.

Page One (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):



And just in case you haven’t absorbed the seriousness of the situation, here’s the back cover of the feisty local tabloid:



Oh, yes, there are also three – count ’em, three – stories chronicling the Gronkastrophe. Ron Borges’ column serves as a representative sample:

The only way to contain him

FOXBORO — There are matchup problems and then there are no-match-for-this problems. The latter is what Rob Gronkowski represented to the Indianapolis Colts yesterday.

To be fair, Gronkowski has been a problem for nearly every defense he’s faced since he first arrived three years ago. But there are problems like “A man gets on a train going 70 mph at 3 p.m. and travels north for three hours. What time does he arrive at the station?’’ and there are problems like “A man gets on a train going 70 mph at 3 p.m. and travels north for three hours before changing to a train going 63 mph and heads east for two hours, stopping for a brief lunch and a smoke. He then switches to a bus traveling at 60 mph but forgot his hat. What time does he arrive in Albany?’’

Rob Gronkowski was the latter to the Colts. Whether the tight end continues to be a nightmare for future opponents remains to be seen since the Patriots [team stats] fear the Colts did to him what he did to the Colts, which is to say broke him.

And etc.

As for the Boston Globe, how did they cover the Gronk out? Here’s the front page of today’s Sports section:

See it there upper right? It says, Gronkowski’s big game ends with broken left arm. C6.

No? It’s a Gronking shame.