Boston Herald Jumps the Shark (Taxachusetts Edition)

January 16, 2013

The front pages of today’s local dailies almost – but don’t quite – say it all in their coverage of a looming tax hike in Massachusetts.

The Boston Globe’s Page One (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages) appears measured and slightly left of center, as usual:



The report itself is equally straightforward:

patrick-3151Patrick favors income tax hike

Broad-based levy vital to transit, education plans

Governor Deval Patrick is set to propose an increase in the state income tax as part of a multi pronged plan to raise new revenue for transportation and education, said a person with direct knowledge of the governor’s plan.

Patrick is expected to unveil the plan, at least in part, in his annual State of the Commonwealth speech Wednesday night. Many in and around state government said he is targeting the income tax because it is the only tax that would bring in enough money to fund his ambitious transportation and education agendas.

Those proposals, which he began rolling out this week, call for $1.5 billion in additional spending next year and $2 billion in annual spending in future years to shore up the state’s transportation system and expand early education programs.

Boosting the income tax from the current rate of 5.25 percent to 5.66 percent would raise $1 billion annually, according to a menu of revenue options the Patrick administration released Monday. The remainder of Patrick’s proposals could be funded through other fees or taxes.


The Boston Herald’s Page One (via ditto) is something else entirely:



The coverage itself is equally hyperventilating.

As indicated above, there are three – count ’em, three – columnists on the case, starting with Joe Battenfeld and Howie Carr in this double-barreled spread:

Picture 2


Cut to Michael Graham’s piece on the op-ed page to complete the chinstroker trifecta.

But wait – there’s also this editorial and this editorial cartoon:

holberts 01-16 cartoon


Before you say anything, that’s exactly how that cartoon appears on the feisty local tabloid’s website.

Just like the Herald, eh? Never the full picture.

Dearth and Taxes

November 26, 2012

Two – wait for it – very different takes on Taxachusetts in today’s local dailies.

Start with this glass-half-empty front-page piece in the Boston Globe:

Mass. tax revenues decline; budget trims loom

Looks for ways to curb spending; automatic cut in taxes ruled out

Facing weaker than expected state tax revenues, Governor Deval Patrick’s administration has curbed state hiring, halted an automatic income tax reduction, and begun identifying cuts in spending that may be necessary to balance the budget.

Recent tax collections have been unexpectedly disappointing, failing to measure up to last year’s levels. In October, revenues were $162 million short of budgetary estimates and $48 million below the level reached in October 2011.

State revenues are running $256 million behind budget and $33 million behind last year’s actual collection, officials said.

Cut to Ho-Ho-Holly Robichaud’s column in today’s Boston Herald:

Dems think state loses if you save $$

The never-ending saga of Taxachusetts is coming to our wallets soon.

Whether or not there is a need for more revenue, the fundamental problem is that Democrats have a delusional view about our money. They believe what we don’t pay in taxes is an expenditure on behalf of the state.

Hence, it is costing Bacon Hill tax dollars because we keep more of our savings and paychecks.

A bit tortured there, but emblematic of the glass-stolen-by-the-state school of politics.

See you when there’s a tiebreaker.