Gronkocalypse 3!! (Globe Rips Off Herald Division)

April 8, 2013

From our Gronkmageddon desk

Sunday’s Boston Herald plays its New England Patriots scoop Gronk-and-center in the Sports section:


Picture 1

The Ron Borges/Karen Guregian report:

STON2744.JPGAnother Rob Gronkowski setback

Sources say readiness for year in peril

Wes Welker may not be the only important pass catcher Tom Brady is missing when the Patriots season begins in September. His biggest one may be absent as well.

According to multiple sources familiar with the situation, tight end Rob Gronkowski has been battling a stubborn infection in the area around where a second metal plate was installed to repair his broken left forearm and his readiness for the season is in jeopardy.


Crosstown rival Sunday Boston Globe had, well, nothing on the Gronkbeat in its print edition.

But our stately local broadsheet did post this on its website at 11:33 on Sunday morning:

Texans Patriots Football.JPEG-0884e-4033Gronkowski has infection and could need more surgery

Rob Gronkowski’s left arm continues to be a concern for the Patriots and their standout tight end.

The infection that led to Gronkowski undergoing a third surgery on the forearm has lingered, and according to league sources, he could be facing a fourth surgery if it does not clear up in the coming weeks.

If the infection continues, doctors could decide to remove the second plate he had placed in his arm because that could be the cause of the infection — but it is unknown at this point exactly what is causing the infection, one of the sources said.

Things could be further complicated if it is discovered that the infection has spread to other parts of the arm.


One thing that didn’t spread: Credit to the Herald for breaking the story.

Poor form, Globeniks. Poor form.

Boston Herald: Gronkpocalypse! No, wait – Gronkmageddon!

November 19, 2012

Today’s Boston Herald is all Rob Gronkowski all the time.

Page One (via the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages):



And just in case you haven’t absorbed the seriousness of the situation, here’s the back cover of the feisty local tabloid:



Oh, yes, there are also three – count ’em, three – stories chronicling the Gronkastrophe. Ron Borges’ column serves as a representative sample:

The only way to contain him

FOXBORO — There are matchup problems and then there are no-match-for-this problems. The latter is what Rob Gronkowski represented to the Indianapolis Colts yesterday.

To be fair, Gronkowski has been a problem for nearly every defense he’s faced since he first arrived three years ago. But there are problems like “A man gets on a train going 70 mph at 3 p.m. and travels north for three hours. What time does he arrive at the station?’’ and there are problems like “A man gets on a train going 70 mph at 3 p.m. and travels north for three hours before changing to a train going 63 mph and heads east for two hours, stopping for a brief lunch and a smoke. He then switches to a bus traveling at 60 mph but forgot his hat. What time does he arrive in Albany?’’

Rob Gronkowski was the latter to the Colts. Whether the tight end continues to be a nightmare for future opponents remains to be seen since the Patriots [team stats] fear the Colts did to him what he did to the Colts, which is to say broke him.

And etc.

As for the Boston Globe, how did they cover the Gronk out? Here’s the front page of today’s Sports section:

See it there upper right? It says, Gronkowski’s big game ends with broken left arm. C6.

No? It’s a Gronking shame.