Page One Herald Ad No Cab-incidence

April 1, 2013

Both local dailies are living in Taxichusetts this week, as the hardworking staff noted yesterday. There’s Driven to the Edge, the Boston Globe’s massive three-part takeout on the Boston taxicab industry, which is the latest in a series of impressive in-depth reports by the stately local broadsheet. And the Boston Herald piped up with this piece yesterday:

DSC_0400.JPGCabbies battle app services

The taxicab and limousine industry has fired another salvo in its war on certain transportation apps by releasing a list of what its members call “rogue” services that endanger the public.

The report by the Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association names three applications that operate in the Boston area: on-demand private-driver service Uber and ride-sharing apps SideCar and Tickengo.

“There’s nothing wrong with technology; it just needs to comply with the regulatory structure to ensure that it doesn’t take advantage of the public,” said Alfred LaGasse, the association’s CEO. “Some of these apps are basically 21st century hitchhiking.”


Yes, well, speaking of hitchhiking, look who flagged the Herald’s front page today:


Picture 1


Everybody appy now?

The Essential Difference Between the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald

March 31, 2013

Both Sunday dailies have reports on the Boston taxicab industry, and the difference between them tells you all you need to know about the two news organizations.

Boston Globe:


Picture 1


Picture 4


Picture 3


Picture 2

And that’s just the first of three parts.

Boston Herald:


Picture 5


Once again, the Herald is a lively index to the Globe.

Don’t get the hardreading staff wrong: We yield to no man in our appreciation of the feisty local tabloid. Hell, we’re one of its 17 home subscribers.

But it’s always good to remember what’s what with the Boston dailies.