Twinkie Winkie

December 3, 2012

Junk-food journalism in Sunday’s local dailies.

From the Boston Herald:

Chew on Twinkie poll

Now that the election is over, pollsters have a lot more time on their hands to measure America’s barometer for other important topics. Such as the Twinkie.

Rasmussen Reports released a poll last week showing that 57 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Hostess Twinkies.

The endangered cream-filled cake actually polled higher than the brain trust in Washington, D.C.

A Rasmussen Reports poll taken just two days earlier showed 34 percent have a favorable opinion of the federal government.

From the Boston Globe:

ad63d379c1a747e89d862a985edd034b-30a09f3f4dc41320210f6a7067005d73The Twinkie defense

Wait, are you really telling me it’s over?

Seriously, it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

I’m a golden white cake in the snack-addicted United States.

I lifted America through the Great Depression.

I built bakeries and factories. I created jobs.

I joined Facebook, darn it.

Polls had me pulling ahead.

They said there was no way a perfectly groomed treat like me could lose.

It’s not my fault that 47 percent of America wants some wheaty lefty cholesterol-freebie.

I earned my success. I did the 100-calorie thing, shed my transfats.

Of course, there were places I could not compromise: high fructose corn syrup.

Did this anger Ohio?

I know how to run a business, to run a country.

And it’s not handing out gifts.

Not even to the workers who make me.

You know who says, “Better days are ahead.”

We’ll see about that.

Yes we will.


Herald Coverage Is Twinkie Dinkie

November 17, 2012

Everybody has the Twinkie strikeout on the front page today.

The New York Times:



The Wall Street Journal:



The Boston Globe:



The Boston Herald?




Tel Aviv over Twinkies?

Good for the Herald.