Boston Globe Shortens the Weekend

December 16, 2016

Admittedly, the eyes of the hardreading staff are not what they used to be (all that hard reading and whatnot), so we might have missed this previously, but we sure noticed it today: The Boston Globe has trimmed its Friday Weekend section by a half inch in length and width.

From the Globe’s ePaper, here’s the A section, full size (396 x 718).




And here’s the Weekend section, full size (393 x 710).




Doesn’t seem like much difference, but multiply by about 220,000 papers and you’re talking real money. The question is, will the rest of the paper get downsized as well, or is this just a one (lopped) off?

Our guess? The Globe turns smaller all around.

Boston Globe Can’t Even Deliver ePaper Right

January 6, 2016

As the hardlyreading staff noted the other day, just as delivery of the Boston Globe print edition went Chernobyl, the lately local broadsheet also introduced a redesigned ePaper.

To wit:


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 4.34.16 PM


Concerning the redesign we wrote this:

Are we the only ones who think the new Globe ePaper is a classic case of schlimmbesserung? You know, to make worse by trying to improve?


Apparently we are not. From splendid reader Bill from Salem, MA:

It’s an insult to sell [the change in home-delivery distributors] as a benefit to subscribers when it was nothing more than switching to a lowball competitor. Wanna bet it’s the same deal with the recent change of the e-paper interface from the excellent NewspaperDirect platform to the new, infuriatingly clunky “improved” version – unreadable menus, incomplete menu listings, starts with yesterday’s edition, no jumpline links, hidden page thumbnails, etc., etc.


Absolutely right. The whole format is so user-unfriendly, the grassy knollers will soon be claiming that it’s a plot to drive readers to the print edition.

P.S. In their wisdom, the Globeniks have switched the entire ePaper archive to the new format too. A real bunch of Einsteins, eh?

It’s Good to Live in a Two-ePaper Town (Nemo Edition)

February 10, 2013

Well the hardreading staff just trundled around Brookline Village in search of newspapers to no avail, so we decide to hie ourselves over to the local ePapers for a quick compare-and-contrast.

First, the front pages.

Boston Herald:

Picture 5


Boston Globe:

Picture 8


Then, news spreads.

Boston Herald:

Picture 6


Boston Globe:

Picture 7


Finally, photo galleries.

Boston Herald:

Picture 4


Boston Globe:

Picture 2

Nice work all around, eh?