Ads ‘n’ Ends From a Very Rocky Boston Sunday Globe

May 8, 2017

Itemizing a few deductions from yesterday’s edition of the stately local broadsheet.

Item: Welcome back to the Boston Globe, Leigh Montville.

It’s unusual that a movie ad would appear in the Globe’s Sports section, but this one did yesterday.



Up top is the great Leigh Montville’s post-mortem of the 1975 battle between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner, which ended in a 15-round technical knockout of the Bayonne Bleeder.



Man, the Globe sports section could use a writer like Montville now.

Item: Globe needs to Address its typo problem.

Yesterday’s Globe Address section featured Eileen McEleney Woods’s front-page piece about George Nixon Black Jr., “the unknown hero of Boston.”



It’s a fascinating piece, marred only by the headline on the jump page.



Hey, Globeniks – how many copy editors have you laid off lately? Maybe wanna rethink that?

The ‘Ray Donovan’ Rumpus? It Ends Tonight!

July 2, 2013

As the hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider noted earlier, the Times-Industrial Complex rendered a split decision on Showtime’s new series Ray Donovan. New York Times critic Alessandra Stanley found it “grandiose, predictable and painfully slow,” while kissin’ cousin Boston Globe critic Matthew Gilbert considered it “fantastic.”

So the hardworking staff went to a tiebreaker: Wall Street Journal critic Dorothy Rabinowitz, who called it a “hard-bitten and buoyant tale.”

But then came Boston Herald critic Mark Perigard, who hated it.


Picture 1


So we needed another tiebreaker.

Which was me and the Missus.

Our verdict:


The Missus wants to stipulate that we love Liev Schreiber, but the rest of the cast does a lot of scenery-chewing, and Jon Voight has had so much cosmetic surgery, it now qualifies as a head transplant.

Regardless, we’ll give it one more chance.