Boston Globe Fares Better with Taxi Butterfinger$

July 6, 2016

Very good (samaritan) story in today’s local dailies.

Start with the Boston Herald piece by Jordan Graham and O’Ryan Johnson.

Cops hail cabbie after turning in nearly $200G

Bundles of bills found in bag

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.19.10 PM

A Boston cabbie is being praised as a good Samaritan after finding and returning a passenger’s inheritance — nearly $200,000 in cold hard cash — accidentally left in the back of his taxi.

“Fifty percent of people say, ‘Yeah, you should have done that.’ The other 50 percent say, ‘You should have took it,’ but I’m not a crook,” said Raymond MacCausland, who found the green backpack filled with approximately $187,000 in cash in his cab on Saturday. “I always return things.”


Even the really big ones, apparently.

As for the absent-minded passenger, who told MacCausland he was homeless and moving into a motel, he wasn’t talking – at least to the Herald.

Reached by phone after the money was returned, the passenger declined to comment.

“I’m all set, I’m all set,” he said.


Crosstown at the Boston Globe, however, it was a slightly different story in Nestor Ramos’s hands.

[W]hile MacCausland was driving around Back Bay with a small fortune in a tattered backpack, the man to whom the money belonged wasn’t worried.

“I knew he’d find me,” the man said. “I didn’t panic at all.”


Beyond that, Ramos also generated this gem:

Standing outside his hotel on Tuesday, the heir said he was going to take a year to recover from many months of homelessness and decades of hard living. He checked into a hotel and was still getting used to not having to hide his meager things from overnight thieves.

After that, he wasn’t sure: He’d been trying to find an apartment, but his credit is disastrous. He says he has more inheritance money coming in the years ahead, but was unsure of the terms.

Eventually, he said, “I’m going to do what I always said I’m going to do: Die in Prague.”


Note to Mr. Butterfingers: If you need a taxicab in Prague, check here.

Boston Herald: The Official Newsletter of Scott Brown

November 23, 2012

Our feisty local tabloid has been keeping close tabs on ‘Round Town Scotty Brown (R-Indian Given).

Here’s the tally just from today (call it  his Turkey (Day) Trot), starting with a political piece:

Scott Brown intensifies support for Israel

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown drew a clear line in the sand yesterday in support of Israel, an indication of fierce congressional backing for America’s key Middle East ally no matter what the outcome of its tenuous Egypt-brokered cease-fire with the militant Hamas group.

“They have a right to defend themselves, and Hamas needs to stop,” said Brown, who serves on Senate committees on armed services and homeland security. “If we’re going to have any kind of lasting peace, then there needs to be a change of policy with a lot of the groups over there. They cannot think that Israel is going to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Iran needs to step back from that position and so does the rest of the region.”

When he made those comments Brown was at the Pine Street Inn (thus the apron), an appearance that got him into a human interest story, this one headlined “Pine Street misses ailing mayor.”

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and his wife, Gail Huff, said they plan to make volunteering at Pine Street a family tradition.

“We brought our time, we brought a check, and I encourage others to do that,” Brown said. “I’m very thankful for my wife and kids, and I’m thankful I can be here again this year.”

But wait! There’s more!

There’s video!

Just to whet your appetite, a screen grab: