Boston Herald Hoodwinks Readers with Ad-itorial

March 9, 2016

The Boston Herald has never been shy about mixing promotion and news content, as the hardreading staff has routinely noted. But the stealthy local tabloid is getting bolder and sneakier about it at the same time.

Page 10 of today’s edition:


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.54.45 PM


Notice especially what’s discretely tucked away upper left.


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.55.18 PM


Obviously, U.K.-based intimate apparel retailer Rigby & Peller bought a twofer from the Herald: that print piece and an interview on Boston Herald Radio, a streaming audio service that up to dozens of people hear each day.

(The dicey local tabloid did much the same for the Massachusetts State Lottery last month, renting out both radio and print for a Frosty Cashword promotion.)

(To be fair graf goes here)

To be fair, the Q&A is labeled Sponsored Content, as is the website version. But . . . on the Herald homepage it is not labeled.


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.12.43 AM


We’re guessing the radio interview wasn’t tagged as a paid promotion either. So awkward.

Not to mention convenient.

WQOM Catholic Radio Billboard: Try ‘God Damn’

August 25, 2013

The billboard that WQOM Catholic Radio posted earlier this month has gotten the local station plenty of attention.

Start with this report in the Boston Pilot:

Radio station launches ‘Try God’ billboard campaign


BOSTON — 1060 AM WQOM Catholic Radio is launching a billboard campaign with the message “Try God: 1060 AM Catholic Radio” across the greater Boston area.

According to a [WQOM] press release, the goal of the billboard campaign “is to reach the widest possible audience in a broad cross-section of the Boston community as a way to expand the station’s current evangelization efforts and bring the ‘good news’ of the Gospel message to even more people in the region.”


The bad news, though, is that people in the region can’t stop mucking with the message.

A week or so ago the Boston Globe featured this Dan Wasserman cartoon:




Now comes today’s Boston Herald with a new alteration. (From our Credit Where Credit’s Due bureau: Fox25 had the story Friday. The dicey local tabloid failed to mention that.)

Pranksters aim billboard barb at higher authority


A religious billboard with a little attitude and humor aimed at Mass Pike drivers captured the attention of clandestine critics who went to great lengths to change its message with a barb of their own that looked like the original script.

Chris Kelley, station manager of three-year-old WQOM Catholic Radio, said listeners called early Thursday morning reporting that the big black billboard suggesting: “Try God,” with the text “1060 AM Catholic Radio” underneath had grown a new punch line with the words “The Other White Meat” replacing the station’s call letters.


Scot Landry, host of “The Good Catholic Life” radio program on WQOM, was not in an especially forgiving mood about the edit. “This act of vandalism was certainly not a prank,” he told the Herald. “It should cause us to reflect on the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that hostility is increasing against the practice of faith and against religious expression.”

But Kelley tried to spin it into a higher good:

This act . . . is an indication that the ‘Try God’ billboard campaign is attracting attention and making people reflect on the role of God in our lives.


Or at least in our dinners.

Herald Accuses Boston Media of Ripping It Off

August 4, 2013

Day Umpteen of the Boston Herald’s flogging its new Garage Broadband Radio station featured this newsvertising page in Saturday’s edition of the dicey local tabloid:


Picture 1


The unbylined piece claims that the Herald has routinely been the assignment desk for Boston’s broadcast news media.


Picture 2


And all this time we thought the Herald was just a lively index to the Boston Globe.

Go figure.