Herald Once Again DisADvantaged

June 28, 2013

Why do advertisers keep snubbing Boston Herald readers?

Today this open letter to the Boston Bruins and the City of Boston appeared in the Boston Globe.


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Here’s the text of the letter, which is signed by Rocky Wirtz, Chairman of the Wirtz Corporation and Owner of the Chicago Blackhawks, and Blackhawks President & CEO John McDonough:

Hockey is a tough game. As impressed as we were by the strength, talent, and competitive spirit of the Boston Bruins on the ice, we were deeply touched by what happened off the ice. Rarely have we experienced the hospitality you afforded us throughout the playoff series between two incredibly gifted teams.

On behalf of the Chicago Blackhawks organization and the entire Wirtz Corporation, we want to personally express our heartfelt appreciation to your city, the Bruins organization, and especially the citizens of Boston for the remarkable welcome you showed our team and the many Chicagoans who visited.

From Boston’s political leadership to every member of the Bruins organization; from the players to the people on the streets, you demonstrated respect, good sportsmanship, and a genuine love for the great game of hockey.

Like the rest of the world, Chicagoans have been reminded in recent days of Boston’s strength. Please know we tip our hat to your city’s big heart and gracious spirit. You lead by example and have set the bar very high for others to follow.


So – all those hockey fans/readers of the feisty local tabloid got the same message, eh?

Nope. The message they got was, well, nuthin’. You get nuthin’.

This is the second time this week Herald readers got that message. As the hardreading staff noted, this memorial ad for Lt. Stephen F. Minehan, the Boston firefighter who died in a Charlestown warehouse blaze 19 years ago – this ad ran twice in Monday’s Globe, and no times in the Herald.


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We asked the folks at Pyramid Hotel Group, which owns that Marriott at Tudor Wharf, why it ran twice in the Globe but not in the Herald. No one addressed the latter part, but regarding the double play in the Globe one executive said, “It wasn’t intentional.” So the Globe made a mistake? “We’ll have to wait and see when the bill comes in. But I don’t think it was on purpose.”

An advertising executive at the Globe failed to answer our calls. We’re not holding our breath.

The Herald Warrens a Look Today

September 18, 2012

Our feisty local tabloid wins the Massachusetts U.S. Senate bakeoff today, with the old  good news/bad news combo platter for Elizabeth Warren.

Bad first: John McCain gives Warren the tomahawk chop  in this piece:

John McCain: Elizabeth Warren’s indian claims ‘bizarre’

U.S. Sen. John McCain — who endorsed U.S. Sen. Scott Brown this weekend — poked fun at Elizabeth Warren’s claim to a Native American heritage in an interview yesterday, saying he found it both amusing and strange.

“I’m entertained. I just think it’s bizarre,” McCain said of Warren’s purported Cherokee and Delaware tribal roots. “I know lots and lots of Native Americans, they have a very huge presence in my state and I’ve yet to meet one of them who claims to be related to Elizabeth Warren.”

Well, that settles that, doesn’t it?

On the other hand,  this piece has to be music to Warren’s ears.

Former Boston bigs: Menino’s Elizabeth Warren endorsement coming soon

Mayor Thomas M. Menino has yet to throw his political might behind Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren — despite the Harvard professor being on the brink of crucial televised debates — but City Hall observers predict an endorsement is imminent.

“I’m sure he’s going to endorse her,” said former Hub Mayor Ray Flynn, who has endorsed U.S. Sen. Scott Brown in the heated race. “I think he’s with her 100 percent. His people are with her. I think it’s just a question of the timing that is the most beneficial, politically, to her.”

Menino was unavailable for comment yesterday but his spokeswoman, Dot Joyce, said: “The mayor remains focused on the business of the city. He will make his political endorsements when he believes the time is right.”

Yeah, can’t wait for the Mayah of Denmahk to be – or not to be – involved in this campaign.

Meanwhile, crosstown at the Globe this editorial calls on Menino to just quit dithering. (It also plays the Hamlet card, but the hardworking staff swears to you we wrote the above before reading the Globe piece.)

Let’s see if Menino knows a hawk from a handsaw.