No Ad Love for Pedro in Boston Dailies

July 29, 2015

Wait – in the course of three days pitching great Pedro Martinez is inducted into the Hall of Fame and has his number retired by the Red Sox, and no one runs an ad in the local dailies congratulating him?

Boston Celtics stalwarts Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett exited the local scene and they got tribute ads in both Boston dailies.




Hell, Mass General tops some tricked-up U.S. News & World Report hospital ranking and it gets a full-page kiss in the stately local broadsheet.




But Pedro Martinez joins the ranks of the immortals and . . . nothing?


Nothing from the Red Sox? The Globe? The Herald? The New York Mets? The Dominican Republic? Nothing from nobody?

That’s just wrong.

Celtics ADknowledge Boston Herald’s Existence

July 12, 2013

The hardreading staff has noted two instances lately of tribute ads that ran in the Boston Globe but not in the Boston Herald. And so it was with no little interest that we saw this in today’s stately local broadsheet:


Picture 2


Which sent us scurrying to the Herald to see if it had suffered its accustomed fate.

It had not.

The Celtics gave the feisty local tabloid equal time (and ad space).


Picture 3


But lest the folks at the Herald start feeling they’re on equal footing with the Globe, witness this from Eric Randall at the Boston Daily blog:

The Celtics took out a full-page ad in Friday’s Boston Globe to thank departing stars Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for “bleeding green” all those years. It’s a nice move that you don’t see teams pull out for just any departing players.

But then, nor is it any surprise that Pierce and Garnett would merit special attention . . .


Moral of the story: Someone’s always ignoring the Herald somewhere.